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Yechiel Riva has had a love of the camera for more than 50 years, combining his two great passions: photography and the Land of Israel. Yechiel’s great love for the Land of Israel and its landscapes and his pride in the country are highly apparent in his photos from around Israel, from the North to the South, from old to new, from pictures of nature to photos human beings, from flora and fauna to the people of the country in all of their diversity.

Yechiel Riva was born in 1952 in the North of Israel and has lived there ever since. He received his first camera at the age of 13 as a bar-mitzvah gift from his father, who loved photography himself and would document his family and scenes of Israel in the early decades after Israel’s independence. From the beginning, Yechiel was dedicated to his work with the camera and with making a permanent record of the people, scenes and events of the Land of Israel.
In his initial photos, Yechiel documented the lives of adolescents growing up in the late 1960s, scenes from his childhood, his family and friends. When he was older, he continued to travel the length and breadth of the country. This included during and after his military service, taking pictures depicting national revival, construction, emotion, self-sacrifice, hope, love, sadness and joy, all of which he encountered in his travels.
Riva and his camera were there at moments of major significance for the country. For example, he captured on film the arrival of immigrants from Ethiopia in the early 1980s and the major waves of immigration to the country in the 1990s, along with the reestablishment of a Jewish presence in Hebron, efforts to build communities in the Galilee and many other scenes.
Riva’s multifaceted interests have enabled him to address a wide range of subjects in his photography. He worked for many years as a news photographer and as the community’s photographer in the area where he was born and lives, and for a while he even tried his hand in fashion photography. In recent years, he has devoted much of his time to nature photography in Israel, with a focus on birds and points of interest in the broader reality that is Israel.
Riva has a huge photography collection, including thousands of magnificent pictures, some rare, of events, scenes (including human scenes), archaeological sites (among them, Masada, Hebron, Caesarea, Tiberias, Safed and Jerusalem), holy sites, sunrises and sunsets, plant and animal life, birds and Israel’s diverse people and cultures and their customs.
Riva’s photographs are never staged, instead reflecting reality captured by his sharp eye and his camera lens. His photos present the viewer with an entire world, things happening at every level, atmosphere, color, strong emotion and a story to be told. His photos prompt reflection, imagination and emotion in the viewer who is attempting to decipher a particular experience, or they may prompt a sense of tranquility and calm, the enjoyment derived from a scene of beauty.
Riva’s photography tells Israel’s story, the story of its people, the story of its religious traditions, the story of its soldiers and farmers, its elderly and its young people, stories of heroism and war, of developing the land, of culture and creativity, of hopes and dreams, of love and disappointment, of its holy places, of its holidays and rituals and traditions.
Riva’s landscape photography is marked by its range of color and an effort to capture a space in its entirety, coming together in a brilliant picture. Israel’s beauty, the power of nature and the grace of its wildlife are captured in their full glory for the viewer.
As a native son of the country who lives and breathes Israel, who has taken part in its historic events, and who has been witness to the many changes that it and its people have undergone, Riva’s photography is marked by his respect and love for the country and those who live there.
Riva has also witnessed the unfortunate fact that some Israelis and certainly Jews in the Diaspora do not fully know and appreciate the country’s great beauty and the magnificence of its creativity, both ancient and modern, along with its unique plant and animal life, its landscapes, the heritage of its past and its present.
“I seek to bring the beauty of the country to all of those who love the Land of Israel. I want to enable everyone to see the country, to experience it and get to know it, and even if they don’t have the privilege of touring it themselves, to do so through my photographs,” Riva says.
Recently Riva has begun collaborating with Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal, the main fundraising organization for Israel, which coordinates community fundraising campaigns abroad to raise the funds needed to develop the country.
In joining forces with Keren Hayesod, Riva is seeking to advance Keren Hayesod’s own goals, using his photographs to raise funds in support of the State of Israel, to strengthen the bonds between Israel and Jewish communities abroad, to encourage immigration to Israel and to explain Israel’s cause around the world.

Contact Yechiel Riva
Email: rivay@actcom.co.il
Tel: 972-50-5238088 
Address: Remez St 14, Kiryat Tiv'on, Israel.
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